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Donner Lake, Truckee, CA, USA


@bellambono @syyyraa


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What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?

Absolutely amazing! Times are currently so stressful, and this allowed us to take a break from some of the pressure we’ve been feeling. It gave us a sense of greatly needed freedom.

What is your favorite part about #getyourassintonature?

Our favorite part about it is the amount of confidence and liberation that comes from being able to go out in nature with your whole booty out.

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure means taking risks and feeling accomplished for doing so. It’s all about experiencing something new and learning from it.

How do you exhibit courage when you #getyourassintonature?

Getting naked normally has some type of stigma attached to it, whether it’s vulnerable, sexual, inappropriate, whatever. Being able to remove yourself from the stigmas and see beauty in nudity feels courageous.