It’s no shock the feeling we get after being “in nature” is so amazing; standing 10 minutes outside on bare earth has shown help to reduce cortisol production, chronic inflammation and indicated to have positive effects on blood viscosity. I started integrating this practice into my life over a year ago. When I am feeling absolute crap, kicking off the shoes and walking in the woods is one of the best things you can do. Some of us are privileged more than others to do this. But if possible, if you get out there to even a small patch of grassy area and give Earthing a try.


Ithaca, NY, USA




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What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?


What is your favorite part about #getyourassintonature?

Feeling not only connected to the space around me, but even my relationships seem enhanced

What does adventure mean to you?

Take fear and excitement and say “let’s go”

How do you exhibit courage when you #getyourassintonature?

Always do your best to never think you know more than you do. Outdoor spaces have taught me time and time again to be humbled by forces much bigger than myself