Hawaiian Natives on the island of Moloka’i have regarded this rock is a site of love and fertility. The Hawaiian name is Ka Ule o Nanahoa, meaning “the penis of Nanahoa”).

An ancient legend tells of the male fertility god Nanahoa, who lived in this area. His wife Kawahuna one day caught Nanahoa admiring a young girl. She got upset and pulled the girl by her hair. Nanahoa then got mad and struck his wife, who then fell down the cliff and turned into stone. Nanahoa then turned into the stone you see today, the Phallic Rock.

In the ancient Hawaii infertile women came here to pray, bring offerings and spend the night in hopes of conceiving a child. Even today women still come here in hopes of getting pregnant soon.


Ka Ule o Nanahoa, Ho\'olehua, HI, USA




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What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?

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