Getting naked outdoors is something I like to at each new location I visit on my roadtrips. It’s an adventurous feeling and 20-30 years time I’ll be able to look back at my life without any regrets.


Darby Beach, Wilsons Promontory VIC, Australia




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What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?

It’s a great feeling. Very adventurous and gets the adrenaline going.

What is your favorite part about #getyourassintonature?

Knowing that I’m doing something that I enjoy doing I.e. being free.

What does adventure mean to you?

Doing something that’s sometimes out of your comfort zone but having the courage to push yourself to doing it anyway.

How do you exhibit courage when you #getyourassintonature?

Battling through self conscious issues e.g. body image