In the midst of our ever changing body and world, it is important to take time to reflect on the beauty surrounding us and the beauty we bring. Love yourself, and love your ass in nature!


Moab, UT, USA


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What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?

To me, it is freeing beyond compare. I feel open and connected to the earth in a way that I don’t get anywhere else. It feels natural to me.

What is your favorite part about #getyourassintonature?

My favorite part is finding the perfect spot to do it. You have to be at least a little tucked away and that search and excitement makes it so worth it.

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure means opening my mind to the parts of our planet that I am unfamiliar with. To observe and admire what is out there that not everyone gets to see. It is connection.

How do you exhibit courage when you #getyourassintonature?

I have struggles with an eating disorder for many years. I struggle to feel comfortable in my body and to accept that it is beautiful. My courage is me getting my ass into nature and feeling overwhelming happiness to be so free. Free from negative thoughts, free from human impact and free to be exactly what I am.