If you ever have the chance to get naked and swim in a waterfall… do it. It is the most magical experience. And if you get to do it with someone you love… that is just the cherry on top. 10/10. Highly recommend.


Big Island, Hawaii, USA


@simplyalisamarie, @jonnyappletreez



What does it feel like to #getyourassintonature?

It feels free and natural and empowering.

What is your favorite part about #getyourassintonature?

I love seeing people exploring and adventuring. And it’s a bonus to see people comfortable in their bodies and allowing themselves to be totally free.

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure means to get out of your comfort zone, explore freely and experience new exciting places.

How do you exhibit courage when you #getyourassintonature?

It takes courage to strip down bare and enjoy life fully.