Backcountry Squatters 2018 Calendar


GYAIN has had the pleasure to collaborate with a local club in Bozeman, the Backcountry Squatters, to create a calendar for 2018 that acts as a fundraiser for their activities. The calendar is composed of #getyourassintonature images from the ladies in the club doing fun things every month… naked. The calendars are shipping (FOR FREE!! CAN WE HEAR A “WHAT WHAT” FOR FREE SHIPPING?) December 8th and will arrive just in time for the Holidays!
A little background on the club: In 2015, two brains came together in a dining hall at Montana State University to create the ultimate women’s outdoor adventure club, Backcountry Squatters. Since then, they have spread to four college campuses across the US. Backcountry Squatters was founded to create a community dedicated to connecting women in the outdoors. They encourage engagement and leadership in the outdoor community by creating club outings, events, and clinics that are focused on introducing and increasing the support necessary for women to reach their full potential while recreating outside.


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