get your ass into nature

What started as a goofy Instagram page has transformed into an international movement. Get Your Ass Into Nature is a social movement aimed at encouraging all people free themselves from judgement, unite with nature and use social media in a unique and honest way. We do this by telling stories of others who have had these experiences kick-started by getting out in the most natural way there is: stripping down and frollicing around. We share these stories from every corner of the globe on Instagram and here on the website and we organize events. Explore more about us below or have a look around the website to see what we’re all about.


Get Your Ass Into Nature started as silly way for founder, Aidan Weltner, and his friends to break the rules a bit on a school trip to Yellowstone National Park. After having a few more trips naked in the woods, Weltner realized the power of the experience and what it was doing to his self-confidence and connection to the world around him. He quickly tried encouraging more people to try similar experiences and, being a photographer, he documented them all with funny images that tried to capture the feeling. When he started posting these images on Instagram, the movement was born. Learn more about the formation of GYAIN in Weltner’s TEDx talk below.

About the team (well just Aidan... for now)

Aidan Weltner grew up in Boise, ID and always had a deep connection to the outdoors. He started mountain biking, skiing and backpacking at a young age and continues to enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis where he lives in Bozeman, MT. Professionally, Weltner is a web designer and developer at his company, Cottontail Creative. He also considers himself a semi-professional bike mechanic, an entrepreneur and a half-way decent photographer. His number one love is mountain biking but he also enjoys snowboarding, camping, hunting, fishing, climbing, running, good movies, and fire memes. All of which he thinks are best enjoyed with his closest friends.

GYAIN is always looking for great collaborators, so if you want to reach out, feel free to do so by sending us a message.