Welcome to Get Your Ass into Nature

We’ll jump right in with a list (everyone loves lists) of a few things that you should know, first:

1. We love butts (no secret here).

Our Instagram page is full of em’ and we require them for all posts. We like butts because everyone has one and it’s a part of the body that everyone has thought about once or twice. Whether you’re ashamed of your butt or you’re proud of your butt, we think it’s both nerve-racking and incredibly exciting to strip down and show your tuckus off to the whole world. Although butts and nudity can be sexual in the right circumstances, they don’t always have to be.

2. We love sitting outside our comfort zones.

We encourage stripping down fully after your hottest, hardest, coldest, scariest or most awesome outdoor adventure to take a few pictures (that will be seen by thousands of people). This is truly an “outside our comfort zone” moment that is one of the most freeing and courageous feelings you can have in this world.

3. We think that being outside is better than eating pizza.

That’s right, you heard it here first, being outside, is better that the widely-accepted king of all things wonderful and delicious, pizza. Being outside, especially with your friends, is a great way to blow off steam, get some exercise, be happier and, despite modern day conventions, a  truly great place to get naked. Getting your ass into nature – stripping down to your bare skin in a natural setting – brings with it such an overwhelming feeling of connection to the world around you that  1) you’re likely to spend more time outside 2) you’ll fall in love with your body AND the great outdoors, and 3) you’ll ultimately be motivated to make decisions to preserve nature’s beauty for future generations to come. Going outside + butts = saving planet? Sounds pretty good to us.

4. We think everyone could use social media in a better way.

We’re all guilty of showing our best moments on our social media accounts. Our profiles are littered with photos of vacations, accomplishments and great days with friends. This is all fine but we believe that social media is just as much a place to share and discuss overcoming hardships and fears as it is to share all the best moments in life. Therefore, we prefer to share stories, not just pretty pictures. We think that having these reminders that life is just as much about overcoming fear as it is having fun is good way to stay grounded.
Below, you’ll find a TEDx talk that founder, Aidan Weltner, gave in Bozeman, MT. It gives a little more context into the beginnings of GYAIN and what it means to him.

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